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Guide to sustainable landscape design by NParks

Urban Landscape Maintenance in Singapore: Special Report on Landscape Productivity Management

Papers authored / co-authored by Associate Prof Tan Puay Yok:

Thermal evaluation of vertical greenery systems for building walls

A conceptual framework to untangle the concept of urban ecosystem

Study of thermal performance of extensive rooftop greenery systems in the tropical climate

Urban ecological research in Singapore and its relevance to the advancement of urban ecolMulti-year comparison of the effects of spatial pattern of urban green spacesogy and sustainability

Building shade affects light environment and urban greenery in high-density residential estates in Singapore

Perspectives on five decades of the urban greening of Singapore

Acoustics evaluation of vertical greenery systems for building walls

Energy simulation of vertical greenery systems

Effects of spatial scale on assessment of spatial equity of urban park provision

Assessment of light adequacy for vertical farming in a tropical city

Multi-city comparison of the relationships between spatial pattern and cooling effect of urban green spaces in four major Asian cities

The economic benefits and costs of trees in urban forest stewardship: A systematic review

Demand for parks and perceived accessibility as key determinants of urban park use behavior

Multi-year comparison of the effects of spatial pattern of urban green spaces on urban land surface temperature

Papers authored / co-authored by Associate Prof Hwang Yun Hye:

Micro-scale thermal performance of tropical urban parks in Singapore

It’s ok to be wilder: Preference for natural growth in urban green spaces in a tropical city

Observation of floristic succession and biodiversity on rewilded lawns in a tropical city

Preference for site conservation in relation to on-site biodiversity and perceived site attributes: An on-site survey of unmanaged urban greenery in a tropical city

Vegetation changes in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and Esplanade Forecourts

Papers authored / co-authored by Assistant Prof Jessica Diehl

A social and spatial network approach to understanding beliefs and behaviors of farmers facing land development in Delhi, India

A conceptual framework for studying urban green spaces effects on health

Papers authored / co-authored by Dr Ervine Lin:

Developing river rehabilitation scenarios by integrating landscape and hydrodynamic modeling for the Ciliwung River in Jakarta, Indonesia

Papers authored / co-authored by Terrence:

Growth light provision for indoor greenery

Impact of green wall on temperature

Shade vs Evapotranspiration

Landscape Design Optimisation

UHI in China

Temperature in Singapore outdoors

Urban Design Workflow

Thermal comfort in China

Green roof with reservoir

Selecting green roof plants using plant traits

Transpiration of trees

Trends and gaps in global research of greenery systems through a bibliometric analysis