Hear from our eye-opening discussions with fellow BLA students and NUS LA Professors as we bust common misconceptions about the exciting field of Landscape Architecture and share our insider knowledge and real-life experiences

Podcast Introduction Episode

Podcast Episode 1: Passion with Dr Ervine Lin

Podcast Episode 2: Landscape and Wealth Disparity with Dr Dorothy Tang

Podcast Episode 3: Student Exchange Program (UNSW)


Adobe Photoshop

Our software intro class, led by seniors and professors, provides the foundation in essential tools and technical knowledge required in the field of BLA. Not just learning on operating the software, these classes offer invaluable opportunities for collaborative learning and hear tips from students and professors.  


Vitalizing Landscape Architecture Lecture by AP Jillian Walliss (Uni Melb) and Dr Heike Rahmann (RMIT)

Lecture jointly organised by NUS LA and LAC and hosted by AP Jillian Wallis from University of Melbourne and Dr Heike Rahmann from RMIT University.

The lecture covers the grounding of deign practice within specific culture contexts as a means of revitalising design practice. This forms the overarching theme of their book, The Big Asian Book of Landscape Architecture, which explores landscapes in the Asian context that we are familiar with.

Adapt or Die – Our New Commonality Lecture by Kotchakorn Voraakhom

Lecture jointly organised by President’s Design awards (P*DA) Design Singapore Council, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architecture (SILA), NUS LA and LAC.

Kotchakorn Voraakhom, renowned Landscape Architect, CEO, and Founder of Landprocess and Porous City Network, and Chairwoman of the Climate Change Working Group at IFLA World. Drawing on her vast experience in designing productive spaces that promote sustainability and resilience, Kotch imparts invaluable insights into how cities can be better designed to adapt to the challenges of climate change.


As much of the productive land in Singapore is being cleared for development, the Nasi Ulam Garden (located at NUS Research Plot A, outside Centre of English Language opposite Techno Edge Canteen) in collaboration with GreenCircle Eco Farm, serves as a site to protect and educate people on the natural heritage of social, cultural, and environmental conservation.

LAC organises regular Planting Day events to gather volunteers to be part of this productive landscape and making our very own edible garden in NUS.


Orientation Sharing and Tour for Freshmen

Our first introduction of LAC in August 2022, and bringing freshmen around the faculty to familiarise themselves with their studio and other locations and services that would be useful throughout their BLA journey.


Welfare Events

Welfare Events organised by LAC during and at the end of the semesters provide a fun and relaxed environment where students from all years can come together, interact, and unwind. From exciting games and activities to delicious food and refreshments, our Welfare Events aims to lift your spirits and remind you to take a well-deserved break from your studies.

Air Hammocks for LA Students
LAC’s addition to our studio space to allow students to recharge and refocus as we go through studio. Air Hammocks provide the perfect opportunity for students to take a break from their work and clear their minds.

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