2nd Light Hunger Games

We have commenced a new study to measure their minimum lighting requirements for 6 new plants. The methodology can be found here.   1. Phildendron Fire Red 2. Tradescantia zebrina 3. Nephrolepis falcata 4. Xiphidium caeruleum 5. Davallia bullata 6. Peperomia serpens 'Variegata' Results of this study will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

The Inaugural Plant Hunger Games – Guess which plant survived and win SGD 200 worth of prizes

Previously, an experiment was conducted to measure the minimum lighting requirements for 12 indoor plants. The objective was to expose plants to extremely low lighting conditions and to determine how low the light can go before plants start to exhibit signs of deterioration. Knowledge of minimum lighting levels for plants can help minimize the use of …