This blog is designed to aid architects and landscape designers in their design process, and to promote awareness of urban greenery issues to the general public (Since 2014).

It is also an avenue for me to archive my work on urban greenery. I tend to forget things.

Since 1/7/2020, I have assumed the position of Senior Lecturer in NUS SDE Department of Architecture. I am teaching some modules in the B(Landscape Architecture) and M(Landscape Architecture) courses. This website will host some information that I hope will be useful for students.

When I am free, I help to organize greenery workshops for schools in Singapore. Some of the schools that have participated in the workshops include:

Please feel free to browse through the articles in this website.

All articles and photos shown in this website are taken and written in our personal capacity and are not intended to be distributed in any way. Kindly seek consent before doing whatever it is you wanna do with it. Thanks.

Dr Terrence Tan CL
Senior Lecturer
Department of Architecture
School of Design and Environment
National University of Singapore

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