How to get DEM data to 3D CAD model

Idea: DEM to TIN to TIN Triangle to Multipatch to CAD

  1. To get DEM file, down SRTM via USGS Earthexplorer
  2. Add DEM file into ArcGIS canvas (e.g. SG Raster)
  3. Run “Raster to TIN” Tool (e.g. SG Raster)
  4. Z tolerance = 2
  5. Name = TIN2
  6. Run “TIN Triangle” for TIN2
  7. Run “Layer 3D to Feature Class”. It will become a multipatch
  8. Run “Export to CAD” . Save as DWG. (v. 2004)
  9. Open in CAD software

Refer to youtube video for steps:

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