Elsa Sim Rui Jia, winner of the Gardens by the Bay Award 2020


“It is my honour and privilege to be receiving the Gardens by the Bay award, which would have been impossible without my professors, mentors, schoolmates, friends and loved ones who have supported me. I remember the very day I submitted the application to commit to specialise in Landscape Architecture. It was a decision that felt so right in the gut, even when I didn’t fully comprehend what the profession entails. Since then, my journey in NUS MLA has been humbling, enjoyable and eye-opening, as I begun to be exposed to the ways landscape architecture can meaningfully impact our built environment. I am very thankful for the passionate people I have met along the way in this journey who inspired, guided, motivated and walked alongside me. I am deeply encouraged and excited to continue building on the foundation the MLA program has provided me with to critically question, inquire and explore design solutions for better landscapes in the future.”

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