2nd Light Hunger Games

We have commenced a new study to measure their minimum lighting requirements for 6 new plants. The methodology can be found here.


2nd plant hunger games

1. Phildendron Fire Red
2. Tradescantia zebrina
3. Nephrolepis falcata
4. Xiphidium caeruleum
5. Davallia bullata
6. Peperomia serpens ‘Variegata’

Results of this study will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Has the trial been completed? I am very curious to find more information regarding Xiphidium caeruleum. I have never heard or seen it in Canada, but have gotten my hands on one a few months ago. Soon I’ll be able to multiply it and start testing out how it behaves in various indoor conditions. I would love to hear about your findings to help guide my trials!


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