Winner of the inaugural Plant Hunger Games

After twenty weeks of torture, the plant has managed to survive extreme low light conditions is….

Plant no. 3, Asplenium thunbergii Kunze 
Photographs taken before and after the experiment show how plants are vulnerable to deterioration due to insufficient lighting.
For those who participated in the quiz, we actually left a clue on our facebook page as well as on the website banner:

in your face

From this experiment, we have observed that certain plant species are particularly vulnerable to low lighting. Supplementary lighting may be required if these plants are to be placed indoors. 

Architects and developers, please make sure your landscape contractor specs the right plants for your design. Plants such as Plant 3 should be allocated for areas with lesser access to lighting. 

Contact us @ for more information on the appropriate plant allocation framework for your vertical or rooftop greenery systems.
plant lighting study
Plants 1 to 4


plant lighting study
Plants 5 to 8
plant lighting study
Plants 9 to 12

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