The Inaugural Plant Hunger Games – Guess which plant survived and win SGD 200 worth of prizes

Previously, an experiment was conducted to measure the minimum lighting requirements for 12 indoor plants. The objective was to expose plants to extremely low lighting conditions and to determine how low the light can go before plants start to exhibit signs of deterioration. Knowledge of minimum lighting levels for plants can help minimize the use of growth lights and reduce electricity consumption. 
After almost twenty weeks, 1 plant has managed to survive extreme low light conditions and emerged unscathed while the remaining 11 were sacrificed in the name of science.  

Before we share the results of the experiment on this blog, we would like to invite everyone to make a guess as to which plant survived. Guess right and win a prize!

plant hunger games

How to participate in the quiz:

1. Pick a plant you think will last the longest in low light conditions (Plant 1 to 12)
2. Send an email with your choice of plant, your name and company to


One lucky winner will stand to receive free landscape audit consultation for a design project, as well as free green wall samples worth SGD 200 courtesy of our sponsors.

Please submit your entries by 15th August 2014.

Result will be announced on 20th August 2014. 

Winner will be notified via email.

Which will be the Katniss Everdeen of plants? Stay tuned to find out


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