A study on lighting requirement for 12 new plants

lighting test
In our previous article, we have looked into the minimum lighting required for 2 plants
In this new study, we are testing another 12 species of plants. They are:

Epipremnum aureum ‘N Joy’
Scindapsus pictus ‘Argyraeus’
Scindepsus sp (green)
Scindapsus treubii
Syngonium erythophylum
Syngonium pink
Phlebodium aureum ‘blue star’
Nephrolepsis bostoniensis
Fern sp. (Plastic fern)
Seleginella plana
Seleginella uncinata (Peacock moss)
Episcia cupreata

Plants are supplied by Chop Ching Hin Pte Ltd.

The methodology is straightforward. We will expose the plants to pre-determined lighting levels and monitor their growth.

We shall not reveal the exact lighting level, but we will share the results of our findings on this website.

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