A framework for vertical greenery design

Urban greenery design framework
In one of my projects with Ms Linda Teo, we wrote on how best to design green wall systems. The end product was a checklist shown here. 

There is a story behind every checklist, and the story here is that too many people have an acutely simplified and all too romantic notion of vertical greenery. Lush patches on the wall, beautiful flowers, etc ,etc. The reality is that vertical greenery is quite hard to install and maintain properly. Plants will die, soil will erode. These are the ugly aspects of vertical greenery no green wall contractor wants to talk about. 

Maintenability for vertical greenery can be costly and tedious if your only concern is about how pretty your wall will look and the extra GFA you will get from the government.

For future consultation, we hope to use this checklist to aid architects and developers optimise their greenery budget. We do this by considering aspects of design, installation, and maintenance from the get-go.

In the end, we hope to prolong the longevity of plants used on the green wall and minimise cost of maintenance.

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